Reveal The Woman Within

Rediscovering your true authentic self

18 - 23 September 2021

Bali, Indonesia (breakfast, lunch, accommodation included)

What to Expect

This retreat is not your average healing event! What you discover on this page is a fraction of what you will experience with Evette Rose in Bali. 

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Are you ready to be spoiled? Want to know where you will be staying?

Jump onboard and come to Bali for a one of kind healing retreat that will indulge you in the shear joy of the cradling arms of paradise while you transform your life from the inside out!

YOU deserve it and it's time! You might even know someone who is in great need of deep healing and understanding.

I know what you are going to say, I will lay it out for you because I understand what it feels like to have a fear of change, to fear abandoning the responsibilities you have at home, you wonder about the people who will need you.

"I don't have time"

"I have too many responsibilities"

"I have too many people relying on me"

"I need someone else's permission and validation to spend time on myself"

Here are just a few excuses that I know all too well. I invite you just for once to put your own needs first, drop everything be BOLD and join me for a life changing healing event on an affordable tropical paradise!

Remember if you are happy and strong then everyone else will benefit! You no longer have to sacrifice any aspect of yourself in order to be loved, appreciated and supported. I will show you how to unleash that beautiful and graceful qualities that are laying dormant in the core of your being that is ready to be released!

Join me on an extraordinary journey where will heal deeply rooted blocks that are standing between you and your authentic identity as a woman who deserves the best in life! Let go of baggage and issues the have been present throughout your entire life. There is no benefit in being held back anymore!

This year is ALL about change, acceleration and growth, what no longer serves you purpose needs to go FAST!

These are the patterns that have shown up over and over again, causing you regret and sadness and pain. It's time to once and or all move beyond the issues of the past so that you can embrace the true gifts that you have within. 

This type of transformation can only come from a significant emotional experience, such as the one you will share over these 6 magical days with me. These 6 days which will help you to unravel your inner gifts in the most beautiful and elegant ways, with velocity, ease and grace.

Your time has come to reveal your true essence and blissfully step into the brightest future that you know you deserve.

Together we will work with modalities of Metaphysical Anatomy in order to heal the blocks in your present life. These blocks that can often be traced back through your ancestry and their root causes. When you shift these ancestral patterns - at the cellular level, and beyond that, at the level of your DNA will find yourself on a POWERFUL and feminine path to create the life of your greatest desire. All of this by coming from a place of allowing yourself to finally receive and shine!

What makes this healing workshop so unique is that changes and transformation that take place during the program are so deep and profound that there is no other option than to change.

You will have breakthrough after breakthrough - and you will achieve a far deeper understanding of yourself - your relationships - and the world around you. Most importantly, you will heal and change the negative and destructive patterns once and for all.

How I work during these healing events:

I help your body activate it's own healing ability. Along with my healing frequency we heal trauma blocks in your body, ancestry, Master Cell, conception, womb development stages, childhood and adult life trauma. Trauma is stored in the physical body in specific areas. During the healing rounds we will heal these blocks in all these areas, which gives a very powerful healing outcome and life changing results.

This is the mind / body / spirit VIP experience of the year!

$1795.00 usd

During this 6 day healing retreat you will address:

Rediscovering The Woman Within

Healing the fear of becoming your highest expression! Defining and becoming your true self. Who you were meant to be before trauma and stress took place in your life. Taking your power back and returning to your feminine blue print. Healing the fear and trauma associated with being supported while you make change sin your life. Do you need someone's permission to change or do you feel held back by someone in your life? This day will be a change changer. We will also heal old ancestral beliefs, values and blocks that are holding you back from being an powerful woman who can easily and gracefully reclaim her gentle and compassionate identity.

Topics covered:

Fear of change

Fear of being your highest expression

Fear of being supported during your changes and lack of support in your life

Ancestral blocks that are holding you back from being the powerful woman that you are

Healing and rebalancing your boundaries

We are all heading for comfort, safety and stability, freedom ad being able to say no without attracting confrontation. Your emotional states and past experiences with saying no greatly influences your ability to easily, powerfully and gracefully say no. Whether saying no to a woman, man, family member or authority figures in your life. This day we will heal those fears and you can reclaim your confidence and self-worth.

Topics covered:

Healing boundary failures with your parents

Healing your boundaries with women

Healing your boundaries with men

Healing your boundaries with yourself

Healing your identity as a woman, mother, friend and partner

This day we focus on getting you out of that box that you may have been pushed into during your childhood. All those patterns and expectations that were projected onto you from a young age will be healed. Realigning you to your truest and highest expression. This day is all about being you. Finding yourself again and being who you truly want to be without fear of judgment and rejection. 

Topics covered:

Your identity as a woman in society

Your identity as a female friend 

Your identity as a wife(if you are not one, there are always ancestral traumas affecting this view. Your negative values will be healed on this day so that you can shine and be accepted just as you are and chose to be)

Heal blocks related to self-acceptance 

Reclaiming your power as women

Reclaiming your innocence

Healing and letting go of old relationships / friendships that no longer serve you

Day of Silence

We will enjoy a tranquil and peaceful day of silence, reflecting on your progress and going deep within.

Communication and making better decisions

We are interacting with the entire world through communication, which makes this so very important. Communication affects every area of your life. It often happens that we say one thing and but others hear it in a completely different way. Sounds familiar? I am sure you can relate to this. We often have a great deal of stress related to communicating our needs and opinions due to past negative experiences and interactions that have not been resolved and these negative experiences are unconsciously still affecting your ability to communicate effectively. The main goal for this day is to get you into a state where you will feel confident and easy with your ability to communicate yourself. More so the question of communication is extremely important because on a metaphysical level it is connected with the following organs / systems of your body: nervous system, blood circulation / pressure, brain, heart and solar plexus. It affects you on all levels in your life.

Topics covered:

Working on fear of communication

Communicating with ease and grace

Communicating in a way where you can express yourself without needing to attract confrontation

Understanding your definition of communication and being heard. We all have different ways of communicating. Do you understand your communication barriers?

Heal your relationship with yourself and others

Topics covered:

Heal your relationship with your mother

Heal your relationship with your father

Heal old relationship stress with ex-partners and disconnect from relationships that no longer serve you

Reclaim your power and innocence

Learning to love yourself again

Reclaim your soul fragments

Bringing the sexy back!

Topics covered:

Heal judgment and critique toward yourself

Heal blocks associated with your sexuality as a woman

Let go of what you think a woman should be and express your authentic self

Blessings and temple day - Connecting to your new uniqueness

On this day we will go to a sacred waterfall where you will receive a blessing from a priest and you will be blessed under sacred water that will heal, cleanse and resolve all your old karma and help you to start your new life with new energy, new ideas and motivation. I will also be there right next to you to support you through this powerful healing event. You will also be guided through a meditation, which will help you to see the new path that you have created for yourself during these 6 days. You will then resolve any old little fears and doubts that might be left (we call this the clean-up process) if there are any left after this magical journey!

We will also do a ceremony that will allow you to reconnect to your feminine side, ancestors and to mother earth and realign ourselves to reach our highest and most powerful potential.

*BONUS, on this special day you will also receive a healing from a Balinese healer. This is an experience not to be missed!

Investment for this powerful journey is only $1795 USD for 6 days. Exercises and healing done by Evette Rose that is included in this seminar are worth over more than $12 000 USD!!! 

Please know that the investment for this retreat is non-refundable.

What's included in the retreat:

Accommodation will be in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. The retreat includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, yoga. It does not include your flight or transport from the airport. The driving time from the airport is 1 hrs to the resort in Ubud.


$1795.00 usd

With love, Evette Rose


I don’t know what even to say about the last six incredible days with these amazing women. I am starting to tear up as I write this because of the gratitude and love I have for them all. 

Evette Rose’s retreat has been such an incredible healing journey, and a massive part of that was the support and laughter I had with these ladies. It’s hard for me to be vulnerable, but I feel like I could tell these women anything and there would be zero judgements… only love. Because they were so brave and vulnerable, it cracked open my heart.

This group of women held no judgment on anyone. We all heard each other’s stories, and you realize that we have all been through challenges, and we all have insecurities. We all get triggered by stuff, which is the stuff we get judged for as being “crazy” or “too much.” But really, this is coming from a deep trauma where someone hurt us. 

Many spiritual teachers, healers, or whoever will tell you what to do to be healed. But often, they aren’t even walking the walk. What amazed me was to watch and learn from Evette – a woman in her power, walking the walk… a woman who has let go of her challenges so that she can hold the space for others to heal. A woman who (to quote one of my friends from the retreat) won’t sell you magic powder that you blow up in the air to heal – she teaches how to break your patterns and coping mechanisms that we live from because of trauma we hold in the body and the subconscious.

We worked hard to let our shit go. We cried we laughed, we healed.

One of my biggest takeaways from the retreat was when we talked about boundaries. Why do we do things we don’t want to do?

Simply because someone told us at some stage that others' needs are more important than yours.

So when we are put on the spot, we may feel in our bodies that something isn’t right, but we lose our voice. Where did we lose our voices? Perhaps we needed to look after a parent and become a self sacrificer. Or maybe we copied a parent. Maybe you were told it was selfish to get what you want and stand up for yourself.

I had to connect with my power. And not the power that controls and dominates. The power that comes from self-love

Our last day came, and we were ready to step into our new selves and leave the baggage behind.

We came to a sacred waterfall to let it wash over us and let it go. It’s hard to describe this experience without sounding like I’m talking about the powder in your butt. But honestly, as soon as we got close to the waterfall, you could feel the energy. Some were already crying as soon as they felt it.

We walked down and said our prayers to the Gods (the universe or whoever you believe in) and became clear on our intention of what we wanted to let go.

Evette’s trusted friend Joko, is a shaman healer. He told us that the Balinese believe that your body is like wearing clothes. If you don’t wash them – they stink. You need to let go of the pain out of the body.

Joko guided us under the waterfall. We held a gift for the gods.

Joko placed my head under the waterfall, and I didn’t cry. I wailed. I cried as I let go of my mum. I let go of old wounds. I let go of old loves. I let go of the past.

When I was ready, I let go of the hold I had of the gift for the Gods.

Maddie, Australia


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